Managing your Nualang Course

Create your own Nualang course from scratch, or refresh your memory on managing a preexisting Course.

Getting started

Let’s get started! To get to a Course, scroll down to ‘Continue Teaching’ and click ‘Manage Course’ or click on the “Course” icon on the toolbar on the left side of the screen. Then, click on ‘Teach’ and select the course by clicking ‘Manage Course.’ This is the course dashboard for a brand-new Course. By clicking the ‘Create Course’ section, you can add your own content.

The Dashboard

Let’s look at a partially completed course to see the different elements in the dashboard. The courses can be found under ‘Teach.' Click on the topic to go to the student activities. To go back to the dashboard, click ‘back to course’ at the bottom of your screen, or use the website navigation at the top left-hand side of the page. 

Class members

To see who is enrolled in the course, select members. A list of your students' names will be displayed along with when they joined your Course. Individual student reports can be found to the right in line with each student's name.


If reviews are enabled, click on reviews to see any reviews the Course might have.


To update any of these settings, click on settings; make sure to click save changes when complete.

How students can access your Course:

For students to access this Course, they need to have a Nualang account. Share your Course with other Nualang users easily by directly inviting students to join your Course.

Current users can accept the Course right away, while new users must sign up to Nualang before receiving the Course. You can add emails individually or import a spreadsheet with multiple emails. Make sure you use the .csv file type and follow the template’s format!

Course access for current Nualang users

For current Nualang users, all that is required for joining your course is the course code. You can display the Course code to the entire class.

*Reminder for private courses, students will also need to include the enrollment key.

Student activity reporting

Finally, to look at your students' reports from the Course, click on ‘View Activity.’ 

What does the Nualang activity report track?

You can view when students have completed activities in your Course and how often an exercise was completed in the last week. Also, you can see what activities each student completed or is currently working on. See how long the student took to complete the exercise, how they responded, and specific responses.

Download activity reports

You can download all of the weekly reports to an excel spreadsheet for easy reference. You can view students' activity within a specific period using the calendar search function or search for a particular activity of a student for a particular time. Select an activity to see students’ specific responses.

You can download or print reports for a single student attachment on an exercise for easy viewing!


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