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By signing up to use the service, you declare that you are either above the Age of Digital Consent in your country or you have been instructed to use the service by your school - the Digital Age of Consent is the age at which the laws of your country entitle you to sign up to online services without the explicit permission of a parent or guardian.

You will use the service for no purpose other than to create or use learning resources.

You will respect the privacy of people with whom you come into contact in the course of teaching or learning as facilitated by this service.

You are required to register to use this service, including providing your correct email address and not share your password with anyone and to keep your password safe and secure. If you are using Nualang under an agreement with your school or organisation, you are required to use your official school or organisation email address.

You undertake to provide no personal information during your use of Nualang other than for registration and login, as educators, other content creators, others consuming the same learning content as you, Nualang employees and our collaborators may have access to your inputs in the course of your use of Nualang.

You undertake to respect other users and not to act in any way that could be commonly understood as offensive or abusive.

You undertake that you will not post content of any manner that is commonly understood to be inappropriate or that contravenes law.

Users may report content they see as inappropriate to info@nualang.com. Our judgement on whether content is appropriate is final.

We reserve the right to remove any content that we deem as being inappropriate or to block any user that we deem as having breached our policy and guidelines or any law.

Notwithstanding that we will do all in our power to limit inappropriate content, we cannot completely monitor all use of this service. By using the service you accept that Nualang provides no warranties of any kind with respect to the service or content that is accessible through the service and neither the owners nor operators of this website nor the designers nor any other person or organisation participating with us, nor any of their officers, employees or agents will be liable to you for any direct or indirect loss or consequential loss or damage arising from your access or use of the service and any such liability is excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law.

You agree that any liability judged to arise from a single claim or multiple claims shall not exceed the amount paid by you to Nualang in the previous 12 months from the date of any initial claim.

Either party may terminate use of the service at any time without need for justification.

You acknowledge that the appearance of any links to access third party websites that may occur within the service does not infer any responsibility on nualang.com for their content.

We reserve the right to change any aspect of the service or content at our sole discretion without notice.

You accept that this agreement is governed by the Laws of Ireland and any recourse to law will be under the jurisdiction of the Courts of Ireland, unless we have entered another specific agreement with your school.

You may provide teaching content for use by others using the service. By providing such content, you warrant that the content is copyright free or is created by you and or is owned by you, such that you have the right to grant licence to Nualang to use it.

If you believe that your content has been placed on the service without your permission, please contact info@nualang.com.

By providing teaching content or any other content, you grant Nualang royalty-free licence for its perpetual use or sub-licence for teaching purposes in whatever form.

You do not have the right to copy or use any images, content or functionality from the service other than on the service other than teaching materials that you have provided.

You accept the terms of our Privacy and Data Protection policy.

We anticipate regular reviews of this page. Any changes will be placed on this webpage and we recommend that you check back on this page for the current terms and conditions. This document was first published on 28/10/20 and last updated on 14/02/23.


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