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Nualang is a great new way to supplement existing language teaching methods and lessons.

Nuala Phone
Teach through conversation
Nualang helps teach languages through the art of conversation. Students can ‘learn by doing’ by engaging in roleplays with our chatbots that listen and respond. You can even create your own scenarios and games to get your students talking about the stuff they love.
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Nuala Phone
Meet the Nualas,
your language chatbot minions
We’ve created an army of chatbots, we call them Nualas. They are mad keen to be given a student to have a chat with, so they can get to work for you. Some Nuala’s have pre-existing lessons, while others are ready for you to create your own lessons and conversations.
Perfect for pronunciation
Nualang listens to how students respond and can help improve language basics that are often overlooked such as pronunciation. What’s more students can practice anytime, anywhere so that they will be more comfortable without fear of getting it wrong.
Totally customisable content
Customise language learning based on syllabus or localisation or individual teacher preferences. So you can make it more relevant, fun or course specific to your students.
Track students’ progress
Nualang keeps track of the activity and progress of the students and that can be reviewed by you at any time. Students can also review their own progress.
Share your lessons with the world
You can share lessons with other teachers and access lessons created by them.
Get started today
And the best news is, it’s totally free to get started and super easy to use.


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