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Nualang is a great new way to supplement existing language teaching methods and lessons.

Nuala Phone
Teach through conversation
Nualang helps teach languages through the art of conversation. Students can ‘learn by doing’ by engaging in roleplays with our chatbots that listen and respond. You can even create your own scenarios and games to get your students talking about the stuff they love, or just reuse community content created by other teachers.
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Nuala Phone
Meet the Nualas,
your language chatbot minions
We’ve created an army of chatbots, we call them Nualas. They are mad keen to be given a student to have a chat with, so they can get to work for you. Some Nuala’s have pre-existing lessons, while others are ready for you to create your own lessons and conversations.
Perfect for pronunciation
Nualang is the perfect tool to help students perfect their pronunciation. In a busy traditional classroom, it can be difficult to afford enough time to each individual student to practise and provide feedback on their pronunciation. With Nualang, they can hear their recording, listen to a variety of other voices, see their score, and try again. The best part is that since students can practice anytime, anywhere, they gain confidence speaking.
Totally customisable content
Bring your language classroom to life and customize your students language learning based on your needs and preferences. Access our library of content, put our chatbots to work, or even upload your own content and Nualang will auto-generate digital exercises for your students to complete. Nualang can enhance your teaching experience and make the learning experience more relevant, fun, and engaging for your students.
Easily track students’ progress
Nualang keeps track of the student's activity and how they are progressing as they complete exercises and courses. These results can be easily viewed and reports are created for them to download at any time. This makes it easy to identify how each student is progressing and to identify areas that may require more attention.
Share your lessons with the world
You can share lessons with other teachers and access lessons created by them.
Get started today
And the best news is, it’s totally free to get started and super easy to use.


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