Creating your own Nualang Course

Learn how to create your own Course on Nualang.

Let’s get started! To create a Course, select ‘Create’ and then click on ‘Course.’ The next step is to name your Course. You can also add any additional information in the description box. Then, choose what language your students will be learning and choose the predominant native language of the class. Click ‘Next’ to continue.

Your Course can be ‘Public,’ allowing anyone to search and join. Or you can turn your Course to ‘Private,’ only allowing certain people to join. To access Private Courses, your students will need an enrollment key. 

Students can rank or review your Course if ‘Reviews’ are enabled. Or you can disable Reviews. You can add collaborators to your Course by adding their email addresses, be sure to use commas to separate each email address! Collaborators can then add/edit content in the Course. Add an image to the Course to make it recognizable for students. You can upload an image from your computer or choose from the image library provided.

Finally, a preview of the ‘Course tile’ will be shown along with the Course settings. After completing these steps, hit ‘Finish’ if things look good.

Congrats! The Course has been created.  


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