The Benefits of Technology in the Classroom

How technology can benefit both teachers and students.

The Benefits of Technology in the Classroom

If you believe that technology is nothing but a distraction in the classroom, think again. With the rise of smartphones and watches your students are always going to be plugged into some device. They will still check social media and message friends during class despite your best efforts because they’re engrossed with modern tech.

Your students are already engaged with technology so why not harness this interest for learning purposes? Used in the correct manner technology will enhance your lessons and bring many benefits to your class. Below some of these benefits are discussed!

Technology Helps to Prepare your Students for Life After School

The workplace has been transformed by technology. Without it many companies would fail to function. That is one reason why IT professionals are so sought after. If students can learn how to use technology to solve problems, collaborate with classmates and complete their required subject lessons on time, then they are learning skills they will need for life.

Classroom Tech Increases Student Engagement

By using technology, you are tapping into an interest every single student has. Devices such as tablets or laptops encourage students to be active participants in your lessons. They will be involved in each activity and answer every question that when asked in a traditional setting was once met with silence or answered by the same student every time. Furthermore, technology can be used to turn lessons into games that can be enhanced further by adding collaboration or competition with peers. This helps to create a fun learning environment guaranteed to increase student engagement.

Digital Lessons Enables Individual Learning

Every student is different. There are students who pick up lessons at a fast rate and then there are students who grasp the lessons at a slower pace. In a large class it's easy for those learning at a slower pace to get lost and fall behind. The educational system isn’t always fair, but technology is helping to correct this imbalance. Many learning apps provide individual lesson plans that can be tailored to individuals needs. Students can proceed quickly if they find the exercises easy or they can repeat lessons if they don’t understand the concept immediately. Learning platforms such as Nualang provide educators with reports for each student and allows teachers to track their progress.

Your Lessons can be used outside the Classroom

Modern technology is enabling teachers to support their students outside of the limited class times scheduled during school hours. For example, Nualang allows teachers to bring the classroom to their students' homes. The platform complements classroom learning by creating a bridge between the teachers and the students. Students can practice the skills needed to learn a new language, such as pronunciation, through exercises on Nualang like roleplays and chatbots from their own homes. This will build their confidence and help to support the classroom lessons they receive in school. Practicing lessons outside of class is more relevant now than ever before. The current pandemic has forced many students and teachers to work from home and new technologies like Nualang are helping to support this new normal.

Technology Frees up a Teacher’s Time

When your students are participating in their lessons virtually you as a teacher have some time to develop your curriculum and enhance lesson plans. Your focus can shift to students who are struggling without hampering the students who need less help. This will help to create a more well-rounded class and a happier learning environment for all students. Furthermore, by experimenting and integrating new technologies into your lessons you will develop new methods of teaching that you never knew existed before. Yes, even teachers can still learn!


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