Introducing Nualang LIVE

Elevating language learning on Nualang through interactive games

Introducing Nualang LIVE

Are you ready to take your language learning experience to the next level? At Nualang, we know that innovative solutions are the key to making language learning captivating and productive. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our latest and greatest feature: Nualang LIVE! 

Nualang LIVE is a thrilling new addition to our platform, offering interactive games that make improving language skills more fun and competitive than ever before.

Unlike anything you've seen before, Nualang LIVE offers fully customisable games that integrate seamlessly with your classroom content creating a dynamic and engaging environment for students, allowing them to test their skills and compete against each other to win coveted Nuala medals. This premium feature is currently included with our Teacher Pro subscription

Key features that set Nualang Live apart:

Live Game Experience: Nualang Live brings the excitement and interactive nature of games into the classroom without compromising the quality of learning for students. Teachers can play live games in the classroom, providing an immersive learning experience without the need to create new content. Nualang LIVE works with all existing and new courses. Setting up a game is simple and easy. Teachers choose which section of a course to use along with the game type. Currently, the platform supports listening and translation. Our teams are constantly working hard to bring the latest updates and innovations so expect new game types coming soon. Nualang LIVE can be used independently for each topic and section making it a versatile tool for educators.  

Customise Game Settings: We know each classroom has different needs and requirements which is why teachers can adjust the game settings according to the classroom needs. Teachers can customise game settings, the number of questions in the game, and the time given to the students to answer each question. Additionally, the game provides student word bank assistance, which can be enabled or disabled depending on the teacher's preference.

Real-Time Feedback: Students receive real-time feedback from our Nualas on their progress and performance throughout the live game. This helps students understand where they are going right or where they can improve. The teachers can also monitor overall class progress with a leaderboard view. 

Dynamic Scoring: Nualang LIVE allocates points to students based on accuracy, speed, keyboard vs word bank and correct use of accents and special characters motivating them to actively engage in the game with their classmates. 

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At Nualang, we're dedicated to making language learning an exciting and engaging experience. With Nualang LIVE, we're taking that mission to the next level. Get ready to level up your language skills like never before!


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